Basic braided flogger — Red


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Enjoy spank with this solid and compact handling red flogger made of synthetic strips. Its finishes are of good quality, its weight is perfect and the amount of pain/itching it inflicts when spanking is relatively high.

This is a fairly dense flogger in terms of strips. This ensures that no loose straps will escape causing injury. It is therefore relatively safe to use.

Its black and red design gives it elegance and a fetish component, which is very erotic during play.

The flogger includes a hanger that can be used for whipping by grabbing its tip. This way we will increase the arc and play with the cadence of the impacts.

You can play with the intensity: hit hard to cause pain, or use it gently to cause pleasure by sliding it over the skin. Displace and drive your “victim” crazy with this magnificent flogger.

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