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Perifit introduces an innovative solution to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles in a fun and effective way. Accessible through the free and downloadable app in English, Perifit offers 6 training programs, allowing you to exercise your pelvic floor at your own pace and level. This personalized approach is revealed to be key to addressing common discomforts such as incontinence, uterine prolapse or vaginal weakness.

The Perifit Kegel Exerciser, designed specifically for women, features an ergonomic shape for easy insertion. Made from soft, body-safe silicone, this device features a sensor on its upper half that monitors precise execution of exercises. Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity at the tip transmits crucial data to the app, and Perifit’s security is ensured by being significantly weaker than normal WiFi signals or mobile networks.

Easy tracking of your results and progress through the app motivates you and accelerates your achievements. Additionally, the Perifit Kegel Exerciser comes in an elegant box with a comprehensive English manual. Waterproof and equipped with a convenient cable, this device features a built-in 10-year battery life, eliminating the need to worry about batteries or charging cables.

The silicone material of the Kegel exerciser makes it easy to clean with mild antibacterial soap and warm water or toy cleaner, ensuring easy and effective maintenance. With Perifit, addressing pelvic floor health becomes comfortable, safe and highly effective.

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