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This model represents an evolution that further enhances its solid design and level of safety. Thanks to the additional weight provided by the metal (stainless steel), the presence of the cage is “overwhelming”, preventing the person wearing it from forgetting their state of chastity, while generating a continuous state of frustrated arousal.

It maintains all the advantages of the original design, highlighting ergonomics and safety. Although its escape capacity may vary depending on individual anatomy, closed is in most cases practically impossible. The design is specially designed to adapt from the base to the shape of the penis, depriving you of the possibility of receiving direct stimulation. All you will experience is the exciting sensation of uniform pressure and the frustration of feeling locked in and controlled. With this design, you will be able to maintain chastity for long periods.

The stainless steel used is medical grade, classified as 316L, guaranteeing a clean, hygienic and easy to wash material.

The new double arc-shaped rings stand out, specifically designed to adapt to the shape of the body.

For those who have tried chastity devices, nighttime erections are often a challenge. This model significantly addresses this problem by adapting and adhering to the body, evenly surrounding the genital area and therefore controlling the erection.

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