Prisoner Bar Handcuffs – M


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Make efficiency a reality in your movement restrictions with our Stainless Steel Bar Handcuffs with shackles.

  • Unbreakable Design: These stainless steel handcuffs are held together by a solid rigid steel bar, ensuring unbreakable movement restrictions.
  • Secure Screw Closure: The screw closure prevents any escape attempt, providing unparalleled security in the hold. Open or close the shackles with the hexagonal wrench included in the pack.
  • Fixed Position and Adjusted Diameter: The cuffs maintain a fixed position, limiting mobility, and their fixed diameter of 5.5 cm ensures a perfect fit. The impeccable design guarantees a unique restraint experience.

Take your movement restrictions to the next level and enjoy absolute security and control!

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Weight 0,700 kg
Dimensions 28 × 7 × 4 cm


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