Red bell nipple forks


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Experience fetishism with elegance thanks to our Aluminum and Stainless Steel Nipple Clamps, which stand out for their stylized elongated design. This sophisticated accessory is the perfect complement to elevate your fetish sessions.

Key Features

  • Stylized and Elegant Design: With its elongated design, and chain with spikes and red stones, these aluminum and stainless steel nipple clamps add a touch of elegance to your intimate fetish encounters.
  • Innovative Snap Closure Adjustment: The placement of these metal clips is unique. They close with a small washer, allowing you to adjust the pressure depending on the height at which you place the piece. Experience more or less pressure in a simple and personalized way.
  • Rubber Coating for Comfort: The ends of each clamp have a black rubber coating, ensuring that you can adjust the pressure without it being uncomfortable in contact with the skin. Comfort guaranteed!

Elevate your fetish sessions with these Exclusively Designed Nipple Clamps. Their combination of elegance and functionality makes them an essential accessory for exploring new sensations.

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