Shunga Geisha Secrets Exotic Green Tea

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With the desire to enrich the intimate experiences of couples, we present the exclusive Shunga kit, an original, elegant and sensual proposal backed by the renowned Shunga quality in all its products, made with the best raw materials.

This kit stands as the perfect gift for couples looking to explore new sensations. Surprise your loved one with this varied selection of products designed for a night of passion or a romantic weekend.

The contents of this captivating kit include:

  1. Delicious Organic massage oil (10 ml): Experience the pleasure of a sensual massage with this oil, made with the highest quality ingredients.
  2. Aphrodisiac Heat Effect Oil (10 ml): Discover new sensations with this oil that awakens heat and passion in each application.
  3. Zenitude massage candle (30 ml): Enjoy the sensuality of a candle that transforms into a warm massage oil, creating an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.
  4. Toko Organic Personal Lubricant (10 ml): Facilitate intimacy with this organic quality lubricant, designed to increase comfort and pleasure.
  5. Lotus Noir Sensitizing Gel for Couples (10 ml): New! Lotus Noir is an external sensitizing gel that intensifies both male and female orgasms. With organically certified ingredients, this gel acts as a stimulant, enhancing sensations. Its exclusive formula, enriched with natural extracts, includes L-Arginine, a specific amino acid that increases blood circulation in sensitive areas, providing a unique experience. Apply the gel to the clitoris and massage to experience warm/cold and/or tingling sensations. Lotus Noir also offers the same effect on the male penis; Simply apply to the glans and massage.

This Shunga kit guarantees a unique intimate experience, offering a range of products designed to awaken passion and connection as a couple.

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