Shunga Naughty Geisha Coquine

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In the quest to enrich the intimate connection between couples, we present the answer to your desires. This exclusive Shunga kit is an original, elegant and sensual proposal, backed by the renowned quality guarantee that characterizes Shunga in all its products, made with the finest raw materials. A perfect gift for couples who long to explore new sensations and surprise that special person with a variety of products ideal for a night of passion or a romantic weekend.

This captivating kit includes:

  1. Toko Water-based lubricant – 165ml: Enjoy an ultra-silky, scent-free experience with this natural lubricant, designed to maximize comfort during intimacy.
  2. Secret Garden Clitoral Gel: Discover new heights of pleasure with this gel specially formulated to intensify sensitivity and arousal in the clitoral area.
  3. Dragon Intensifying Cream for Men: Provide an additional touch of passion with this cream designed to enhance the male experience, providing intense and gratifying sensations.
  4. Rain of Love Spot Stimulating Cream: Immerse yourself in a rain of sensations with this stimulating cream, created to intensify stimulation and pleasure in desired areas.
  5. 10-speed vibrating bullet: Experience new dimensions of pleasure with this versatile vibrating bullet, which offers 10 speeds to adapt to your preferences and desires.

This Shunga kit offers a carefully curated selection of products, aimed at elevating intimacy and complicity in the couple. A set of experiences designed to satisfy the desires of those seeking to deepen their erotic connection and create unforgettable moments of love and passion.

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