Shunga Sweet Kisses Collection

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Our Exquisite Kit, a careful selection of products designed to provide sweet and delicious preliminary experiences, focused on sensual massages and exciting sensations. This elegant set comes presented in a special packaging, and all products stand out for their delicious aphrodisiac flavor. This kit includes:

  1. Organic Edible Massage Oil: Enjoy a silky, slippery oil, completely edible thanks to its organic formula.
  2. Edible body paint: Ideal for daring games where eroticism becomes art.
  3. Aphrodisiac oil with heat effect: Enhance your massages with a pleasant heat effect, designed for more intense and sensitive areas. Fully edible.
  4. Edible body powder with erotic duster: Designed for playing, caressing and tickling with the included duster. The powders are edible.
  5. Divine shine for oral pleasure: Exciting lip gloss that provides a hot/cold effect during kisses or oral sex.

This kit is the perfect gift for couples looking to explore new sensations and add a touch of sweetness and mischief to their intimate moments. Immerse yourself in sensuality with the Exquisite Shunga Kit and experience a deeper and more pleasurable connection with your partner.

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