Skyn Extra Lube – Latex-free condoms (10u)


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Explore the innovative line of Manix Skyn ​​condoms, recognized for their exceptional elasticity, sensitivity and thinness that provide the authentic skin-to-skin sensation. Designed to fit all body types, they guarantee a comfortable fit that elevates the intimate experience.

Manix Skyn ​​Extra Lubricated offer an additional dose of lubrication to facilitate placement and optimize friction during penetration. These standard size condoms have a nominal width of 53 mm and a length of 180 mm. Made with sensoprene, a latex-free material, they guarantee a sensual experience without compromises. They are transparent, with a straight cylindrical shape and have a deposit for greater comfort. Each box contains 10 units.

Highlighted features of the Manix Skyn ​​Extra Lubricated:

  • – Extra lubricated condoms for easier placement and greater comfort during penetration.
  • – Exceptional elasticity and sensitivity that provide an authentic skin-to-skin sensation.
  • – Comfortable fit to fit all body types.
  • – Nominal width of 53 mm and length of 180 mm.
  • – Transparent and with cylindrical shape.
  • – Made of sensoprene, a latex-free material.
  • – 10 units presentation for more practicality.

Immerse yourself in an unparalleled intimate experience with the Manix Skyn ​​Extra Lubricated and enjoy the unique connection they offer. With confidence and comfort, these condoms elevate your most special moments.

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