Vivishine Perfect latex shine – 150ml


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Experience a deep, long-lasting shine, along with intensive care, for all your latex and rubber products with VIVISHINE. Perfect the feel of latex on skin with this solvent-free, odor-free formula.

VIVISHINE stands out as the optimal base for the shine and care of latex. Its application is simple, economical and highly effective. Ideally, it is added to the rinse water just after washing, ensuring uniform distribution over the entire surface of the material. This process not only improves the feel of the latex on the skin, but also protects its sensitive surface, preserving it without generating friction during polishing.

After treatment with VIVISHINE, latex clothing can be easily stored in the closet or garment bag. When dressed, the garment shines from the roots and the surface feels smooth to the touch. With VIVISHINE, your latex suits will remain permanently shiny, soft and elegant, preserving that impeccable look as if it were the first day. Discover the exceptional care that will transform your latex experience.

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