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The Mía Skirt is a unique and versatile piece, perfect for those seeking an alternative and sophisticated look This flowy skirt is made with unique textiles, ensuring that each model is exclusive The design features a trailing back made of glossy black waterproof fabrics in the lower layers and colorful fabrics in the top layer, or simply glossy black fabrics in all layers

Materials and Features:

– Unique Textiles: Each skirt is made with exclusive fabrics, making every piece one-of-a-kind.

– Fabric Combination: Options include lower layers of glossy black waterproof fabric and upper layers of transparent fabric, or a combination of glossy black fabrics If you don’t want it just in black, tell us the combination you’d like, and we’ll make it happen! wonderkinkbcn@gmail.com (mailto:wonderkinkbcn@gmail.com)

– Trailing Back: Designed with an elegant trailing back that adds a dramatic and stylish touch.

Product Benefits:

– Exclusivity and Style: Each Mía Skirt is a unique creation, ensuring your look is exclusive and distinctive.

– Comfort and Movement: The skirt’s flowy structure provides comfort and freedom of movement.

Handcrafted Design:

– Unique and Handcrafted Design: Each skirt is handmade, guaranteeing attention to detail and high quality in every piece.

Care Instructions:

To keep your Mía Skirt in the best condition, it’s recommended to hand wash carefully.. Avoid using harsh chemicals that might damage the unique fabrics


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